Cardiovascular diseases and nutrition

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A diet rich in fats , which provides more than 30% of the total energy value, can cause cardiovascular disease.
Lipoproteins circulate in our blood, made up of numerous molecules of cholesterol and other fats, or rather lipids. These lipoproteins can be low-density LDL or high-density HDL , these acronyms will surely remind you of cholesterol.

A diet rich in LDL, which derives from a diet rich in saturated fats, and a reduced intake of HDL lipoproteins, would create some problems for the body. Some researchers argue that it is better to reduce LDL and increase HDL.

What does this mean? Saturated fats (LDL) are mainly contained in eggs, milk, lard, hydrogenated oil, they are present in all animal products. Unsaturated fats of vegetable and animal origin, but in this case we are talking about fish, increase the levels of HDL in the blood. Now, on the one hand LDL raises blood pressure, leads to blockage of blood vessels, resulting in hypoxia, necrosis, and heart attack or stroke depending on the artery involved; on the other hand HDL decreases these risks, because some of these lipoproteins carry plasma cholesterol to the liver, where it is demolished and the body detoxifies.

It is no coincidence that most vegetable oils decrease LDL levels in the blood and have anti-oxidant properties thanks to the vitamin E they contain.

Damage to blood vessels associated with a diet rich in fat can be,

Stenosis (hardening of blood vessels)
Aneurysm (widening of blood vessels)
Thrombosis (formation of thrombi in blood vessels)

To limit these risks , it is advisable to follow simple rules of good nutrition and correct physical activity:

  1. Eat foods high in fiber, breads, pastas, cereals, fruits, vegetables and the like
  2. Avoid carcinogenic substances, reducing the consumption of cured meats, wustrels, smoked or burnt foods or foods rich in preservatives
  3. Limit alcoholic substances to two to three glasses of wine a day
  4. Do not exceed 30% of total daily energy intake by eating fatty foods

These small tricks are a good way to limit the risks, especially in old age when it is more difficult and tiring to exercise.

It would be good to have a blood test once a year to ascertain the levels of fat in the blood.

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