New treatments for menopause

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Menopause is one of the milestones and one of the most delicate in a woman's life. Hormonal therapy is often needed to counteract its symptoms and consequences , which on the one hand relieves the symptoms and on the other, unfortunately, has a series of collateral. In particular, it seems that hormonal therapies accentuate the risk of developing breast cancer . In an attempt to stem the problem, researchers at Yale University are experimenting with an innovative combination of hormones. Estrogens, usually combined with progesterone, are administered together with SERMs, which replace progestins. SERMs, Selective estrogen receptor modulators, in simple words are drugs able to act on estrogen receptors and to control the action of the latter, avoiding excessive stimulation of the endometrial and mammary cells. As stated by Dr. Taylor this research could be the springboard to improve the status of women in menopause, currently everything is in the embryonic stage, the research is still within the walls of the laboratories, but continues thanks to funding from the Women's Health Research Institute. As in everything, all that remains is to wait. Source and more information

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