MOC, Computerized Bone Mineralometry for osteoporosis

X-ray computerized bone mineralometry (abbreviated as MOC ) represents the current method of reference in the diagnosis of osteoporosis , successfully used at the polyclinic of Milan and in other Italian hospitals. MOC is based on the principle of photonic absorptiometry: a thin beam of X-rays passing through the tissues is absorbed in proportion to… Continua a leggere MOC, Computerized Bone Mineralometry for osteoporosis


New treatments for menopause

Menopause is one of the milestones and one of the most delicate in a woman's life. Hormonal therapy is often needed to counteract its symptoms and consequences , which on the one hand relieves the symptoms and on the other, unfortunately, has a series of collateral. In particular, it seems that hormonal therapies accentuate the… Continua a leggere New treatments for menopause


Aclasta against osteoporosis and fractures

Novartis publishes the results of the first study performed on Aclasta , an osteoporosis drug in patients with hip fractures. It has been seen that administering Aclasta once a year prevents new fractures by 35% and improves life in a certain sense. In fact, it would seem that in the group of patients analyzed the… Continua a leggere Aclasta against osteoporosis and fractures