Mediterranean diet against chronic degenerative diseases

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A significant improvement in health status, with a 9% reduction in total mortality, 9% in mortality from cardiovascular causes, 13% in the incidence of diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's and 6% in the incidence or mortality from cancer . This is what is recorded in those who follow the Mediterranean diet on a permanent basis. The data emerges from a study published today in the British Medical Journal (BMJ); authors some researchers from the University of Florence-University Hospital of Careggi. For the first time, the group examined 12 international studies present in the literature, which analyze the eating habits and health status of more than 1.5 million people followed over a period of time ranging from 3 to 18 years. All of the studies reviewed used a numerical score, called an adherence score, to calculate how and how much people followed the Mediterranean diet. «With a meta-analysis we have put together data and statistical and epidemiological elements – explains Francesco Sofi – Several studies have demonstrated, in recent years, the beneficial effect of the Mediterranean diet on the incidence and mortality from chronic diseases, leading it to the fore as the diet model to follow to improve the quality and length of life. However, no study has so far systematically reviewed all available data on the subject. The Mediterranean diet provides for an abundant consumption of certain categories of foods such as olive oil, carbohydrates, fruit, vegetables and fish, and less of meat, sausages, cheeses and derivatives, with a moderate consumption of red wine during meals. «In the light of these results, it seems important – Sofi underlines – to use the score of adherence to the ideal Mediterranean diet: it can be an effective tool in the prevention of the main chronic-degenerative diseases. Furthermore, these data confirm and relaunch the recommendations and guidelines of the most important scientific societies» [ UniFi ]

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