Non-metallic total ankle prosthesis

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A study successfully completed and published in the Journal of Foot & Ankle Surgery describing a new technique for ankle repair. the technique developed by Daniel K. Lee, director of foot and ankle surgery at UCSD Medical Center, consists in applying a material very similar to collagen instead of the current titanium or steel prostheses. The idea came to the professor based on a simple consideration: if knee and hip prostheses made of metal work very well, ankle prostheses on the contrary are subject to fractures and complications in general. The procedure requires a minimally invasive intervention of about two hours and involves the removal of the damaged cartilage with an incision of about 4cm. Subsequently a material similar to natural collagen is molded and adapted around the patient's joint. The main advantage of this new procedure is the possibility of creating a customized prosthesis. The biological material used comes from other people or of animal origin and is processed so as to be sterile, non-allergenic and free from the risk of rejection. According to Dr. Lee, the material inserted within three weeks is completely incorporated into the patient's tissue to restore a healthy and agile ankle as before or almost. [more info ]

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