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Another surprise to come regarding the enormous abilities of skin cells. Fibroblasts , which we had already mentioned because they are capable, united with an oocyte, of generating a stem cell, now ensure a long life for young and perfect skin. Goodbye to the old scalpel and annoying botulinum injections, it is now possible to freeze your skin cells before the age of thirty. The conservation mechanism consists in taking a small piece of skin behind the ear, treating it in the laboratory by extracting the fibroblasts destined for freezing. In fact, in the under-thirties, the production of collagen is accelerated enough and this favors a rapid regeneration of the skin. The studies by the way, which hear hear, are taking place in Italy, are still being verified, there are those who venture the hypothesis of an all-natural facelift , others instead look further and think of a facelift with stem cells. The advantages in both cases are the non-toxicity of the "materials" and the impossibility of rejection. Goodbye wrinkles, goodbye untoned skin, science is making progress very quickly. Niccolò Scudieri , professor at the La Sapienza University of Rome, knowledgeable in the field of plastic surgery, presented the first cases studied and their success at a national congress of cosmetic surgery and dermatology. We look forward to the next developments.

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