New life for burn victims for scarless skin grafts

A team of researchers from the Harvard Medical School of Boston have discovered a new cure for covering scars and making skin grafts for burn victims. The results published in the Journal of Surgical Research demonstrate the effectiveness of a natural glue activated by exposure to laser light. Instead of using chemical glues and unsightly… Continua a leggere New life for burn victims for scarless skin grafts


News on the transplant front

There are not many organ donors, for one reason or another it is often impossible to perform the transplant. In the specific case of lung transplantation, the situation can get complicated. The lungs are delicate organs, the only way to conserve them is to place them in an environment that is several degrees below zero,… Continua a leggere News on the transplant front

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Molecule regenerates the heart

A new molecule (HBR) has been synthesized capable of regenerating the heart immediately after a heart attack and increasing the efficacy of subsequent stem cell transplantation. The revolutionary molecule is capable of immediately reducing the cardiac cell mortality produced by the infarction and inducing the formation of new coronary vessels together with the recruitment of… Continua a leggere Molecule regenerates the heart