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Childbirth is an important moment in a woman's life, perhaps it is during childbirth that a woman truly feels like a mother for the first time. In the first weeks of the baby's life, the mother tends to pour a thousand attentions and kindnesses on the little one, leaving out the moments of intimacy with the partner. Generally, it is enough for her to love her son to love her partner too and often her feeling of being a woman is reduced and she is satisfied in looking after the newcomer. This happens especially after the first child, a little uncertainty, a little the body that has undergone changes, the woman doesn't want to make love or maybe she feels inadequate. Rebuilding intimacy and one's sexual identity is important and must be done immediately after childbirth, as soon as it is possible to start having intercourse again without causing damage. What are the causes of low libido?

  1. Chemical-physiological: some time ago there was talk of female hormones , of how they act, well immediately after childbirth the hormones undergo a drastic drop.
  2. The episiotomy
  3. Cesarean delivery
  4. Some minor blood loss
  5. The burden of responsibility

Overcoming these problems is not simple, in the first place it is good not to force things and make sure you can have relations with a gynecological examination, thanks to which it will be possible to evaluate whether or not the reproductive system is back in place, if the wounds and the internal lacerations have healed and if the cesarean section is not likely to open during intercourse. Secondly, when the body is ready to have intercourse again, it often happens that there is poor vaginal lubrication, which is also very normal, you will need a lubricant recommended by your doctor or pharmacist – never go your own way by buying products that can be harmful – Often the visible signs of past pregnancy, stretch marks, swelling, softer skin, caesarean section wound, are an insurmountable obstacle, because they constitute a temporarily unacceptable modification of one's body. In reality, this psychological factor can be overcome, thanks to the constant presence of a partner who makes the woman feel still desired and who understands and incites her without forcing her. Basically in one year the woman finds the physical shape she had before pregnancy, this process can be speeded up with gymnastics, avoiding do-it-yourself diets which for breastfeeding mothers could reduce the nutrients of breast milk or even make it disappear. That said, don't be frightened, it's nature, everything returns to its place over time and the balance that was thought lost is restored. Finally, it is good to drop the false myth of the possibility of conceiving during the act of , it is good to use different methods of contraception , also because often women become pregnant before the head of the department and therefore do not even realize they are pregnant in the first months.

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