Malformations and dysfunctions of the female reproductive system

L’articolo propone una rassengna semplice e sintetica delle principali disfunzioni che impediscono di mettere al mondo un bambino.


Infertility: from Rome the invitation to find out why

Couple fertility check-up: this is the proposal of an assisted reproduction center in Rome. From 1st to 12th March, on the occasion of Women's Day, it will be possible to carry out a couple's fertility check in just one hour and at a reduced cost compared to the normal rates. The tests will include a… Continua a leggere Infertility: from Rome the invitation to find out why


Rebuilding sexuality after childbirth

Childbirth is an important moment in a woman's life, perhaps it is during childbirth that a woman truly feels like a mother for the first time. In the first weeks of the baby's life, the mother tends to pour a thousand attentions and kindnesses on the little one, leaving out the moments of intimacy with… Continua a leggere Rebuilding sexuality after childbirth