What if the problem was the detergent?

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Not everyone knows that in common detergents there are chemical agents that are difficult to eliminate in the rinsing phase. These chemical residues, highly allergenic, are in fact absorbed by washed clothes, despite rinsing, and then released in contact with the skin especially in situations of perspiration. Sweat triggers a chemical reaction which, in a chain process, causes the irritating chemical residues, as well as the heavy metals they contain, to remain in contact with the skin for hours, causing that unpleasant itchy sensation typical of the summer months, and in many cases real allergic dermatitis. This is confirmed by the latest survey by SIDAPA (Italian Society of Allergological and Professional Dermatology, which appeared in the journal Annali Italiani di Dermatologia Allergologica in which detergents are indicated as the main culprits of the ever increasing allergic or contact dermatitis. To remedy these annoying problems, a company in Genoa has for some years developed a line of detergents formulated to cleanse in complete respect of the skin.The raw materials used for the mixture of these particular detergents are in fact "different" from those normally used by competitors, since they come from suppliers in the cosmetics sector, therefore free of agents classified as "irritants" or "allergenic", furthermore the chemical reactions necessary to arrive at the finished products do not use heavy metals as catalysts. [more information ]

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