Regenerative medicine

Non-metallic total ankle prosthesis

A study successfully completed and published in the Journal of Foot & Ankle Surgery describing a new technique for ankle repair. the technique developed by Daniel K. Lee, director of foot and ankle surgery at UCSD Medical Center, consists in applying a material very similar to collagen instead of the current titanium or steel prostheses.… Continua a leggere Non-metallic total ankle prosthesis

2022-12-28Bio Blog

Liver stem cells

What better argument than that of stem cells to start the new year: totipotent cells have been used to treat serious liver disease. In Brazil, 15 people were chosen from those on the waiting list for liver transplantation and were – on a voluntary basis – subjected to cell therapy. "We are still in a… Continua a leggere Liver stem cells

2022-12-28Bio Blog

Nanotubes and stem cells for bone reconstruction

It has been found that the use of implants made of titanium nanotubes together with stem cells can accelerate the growth of bone tissue. The group of bioengineers from the University of California – San Diego used nano-biotechnology technologies that made it possible to carry out this experiment. In fact, they were able to place… Continua a leggere Nanotubes and stem cells for bone reconstruction

2022-12-28Bio Blog

Gene therapy and rheumatoid arthritis

There has been talk of gene therapy recently (see ADA-SCID) and it continues to be talked about. There is no longer a scientific journal that does not report advances or results obtained in the experimentation of these techniques. Gene therapy is not a new approach but tangible results are only now beginning to be appreciated.… Continua a leggere Gene therapy and rheumatoid arthritis

2022-12-28Bio Blog