Malformations and dysfunctions of the female reproductive system

L’articolo propone una rassengna semplice e sintetica delle principali disfunzioni che impediscono di mettere al mondo un bambino.

2022-12-28Bio Blog

Infertility: from Rome the invitation to find out why

Couple fertility check-up: this is the proposal of an assisted reproduction center in Rome. From 1st to 12th March, on the occasion of Women's Day, it will be possible to carry out a couple's fertility check in just one hour and at a reduced cost compared to the normal rates. The tests will include a… Continua a leggere Infertility: from Rome the invitation to find out why

2022-12-28Bio Blog

Rebuilding sexuality after childbirth

Childbirth is an important moment in a woman's life, perhaps it is during childbirth that a woman truly feels like a mother for the first time. In the first weeks of the baby's life, the mother tends to pour a thousand attentions and kindnesses on the little one, leaving out the moments of intimacy with… Continua a leggere Rebuilding sexuality after childbirth

2022-12-28Bio Blog

A little milk and then to bed

A recent study, conducted by researchers at the University of Extremadura (Spain), clarified how breast milk helps babies fall asleep. The pages of the Journal of Nutrirional Neuroscience described the study, which analyzed the composition of milk throughout the day, demonstrating that it varies significantly over the course of twenty-four hours. In particular, nucleotides, important… Continua a leggere A little milk and then to bed

2022-12-28Bio Blog