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[Neuroblastoma – microscope photo by Dr. Maria Tsokos, National Cancer Institute] Neuroblastoma is one of the most common tumors of the nervous system in childhood, it is the cause of 15% of childhood cancer deaths, unfortunately those affected by stage IV neuroblastoma it has very little chance of survival which is around 20% . The causes of the disease are not yet known, yet a study by Dr. Patrick Mehlen of the University of Lyon has been published in the Journal Of Clinical Investigation, which perhaps gives some more hope to sick children and patients. In fact, Dr. Mehlen discovered the connections between the molecule NT-3 and its receptor TrkC and neuroblastoma. The research was conducted on laboratory mice and chickens, in which human tumor cells had been implanted, the NT-3 molecule was then inhibited, which appears to be able to block the growth of the tumor and metastases. It is hoped to be able to find an experimental drug capable of having the same effect on humans.

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