Tears and good health

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Men cry too, but the tear record goes to women, who cry about one day out of six, a total of 64 times a year. Quadruple, that is, compared to the maximum of 17 times for humans (on average once every 22 days). This is what emerges from a study by the German Association of Ophthalmologists. For women, crying is even more prolonged, with an average of 6 minutes compared to 4 for men. Also, 65% of women cry in fits and starts versus 6% of men. Science still has to demonstrate "the physiological cause of crying" or why we cry and above all what happens in our body when we shed tears. In fact, crying is one of the few "unique physiological specificities of human beings" and it is probably an activity that our body carries out to feel better just like when we laugh or feel anger. A research concluded in 2008 by scholars of the University of South Florida shows that crying stimulates some functions of our body and rebalances our mental health. Scholars have shown that the sensitivity of our skin increases during and after crying and that tears also improve our breathing: both of these changes are two clear signs of good health. Even the numbers speak for themselves: nine out of ten people feel better after a good cry (88.8% declare that their mood improves considerably after having shed a good amount of tears, while only 8.4 say that the things are worse). In addition, crying reduces daily stress and keeps our body healthy. In short, since crying is such a necessary activity, there is no need to be ashamed to cry. Message addressed especially to men.

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