Rotavirus infections

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Rotavirus infections are not only the first cause of acute gastroenteritis in children, but – as demonstrated by the research group directed by Professor Maurizio de Martino, Director of the Department of Pediatrics of the University of Florence and Meyer, in studies carried out with Dr. Elena Chiappini – they also spread to the respiratory system and the liver. This and other important aspects of this virus were discussed in Florence during the training and refresher course dedicated to the theme "Rotavirus gastroenteritis. From the epidemiological dimension to primary prevention". Rotaviruses are ubiquitous, i.e. present in an endemic form. “All children are infected with rotavirus very early in life, usually within the first two years – explains De martino. Because there are so many rotaviruses, more episodes can occur during this period of life." Rotavirus infections kill 500,000 children a year worldwide. Of these deaths, as many as 85% occur in developing countries, where the disease is considered a real health emergency by the World Health Organization. Even in industrialized countries, rotavirus gastroenteritis is widespread, but rarely lethal. The disease, however, involves a significant increase in health care costs, both for direct costs (hospitalizations, visits, treatments) and for social costs (days of work lost). «Just think that rotavirus gastroenteritis – explains the professor – is certainly the most serious with profuse diarrhea and vomiting and fever. The resulting dehydration is such that about a third of children must be hospitalized for rehydration. And the hospital is never a pleasant thing for little patients. At home, the infection leads to significant alterations in the quality of life for the child and for the parents". Rotavirus is not only the nightmare of many families. A considerable part of nosocomial infections can be attributed to the rotavirus, with the consequent negative impact of the lengthening of hospitalization times for those who were discharged after hospitalization for other reasons. A study estimates that every year in Italy there are over 300,000 cases that are managed at home, over 80,000 doctor visits and around 10,000 hospital admissions. A virus on which research is particularly active. «My group, with Dr. Elena Chiappini – continues Professor de Martino – was the first in the world to publish in international journals (including the prestigious Journal of Paediatrics) the evidence that rotavirus infection is not limited only to intestine but spreads through the circulation to the brain above all, also to the lungs and liver. Rotavirus infection is in fact one of the main causes of convulsions both during fever and apyrexia. How to deal with such a dangerous virus? The good news is that the vaccine is now available and is administered orally in the first few months of life.

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