Pulsating laser for pain relief

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Statistics from the International Association for the Study of Pain say that one in five people suffer from pain ranging from moderate to chronic. If initially the idea was to intervene with drugs that would calm the problems, it is now common practice to refer to other applications, such as the laser . Multi Radiance Medical has produced a machine, visible in the operation in photography, already approved by the Food and Drugs Administration and called TerraQuant , designed to combine 25,000 milliwatts of peak power and the fastest pulsatile laser in the world: billions of pulses per second succeed therefore to make the deepest areas of the tissues absorb a high energy density, technically able to decrease the sensation of pain. laser light operation The tests have promoted the device in 88% of cases and this should pave the way for the confirmation that we are dealing with a truly interesting product that no longer requires the support of medicines. laser probe [via gizmag | more info ]

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