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World psoriasis day

Two and a half million Italians suffer from psoriasis , a non-contagious skin disease which, however, is often a cause of shame for the sick. The pathology initially manifests itself with reddish patches that are covered with "scales" and whitish growths . The disease has alternating phases: it passes from the chronic sentence to that… Continua a leggere World psoriasis day


Neuroblastoma, news from research

[Neuroblastoma – microscope photo by Dr. Maria Tsokos, National Cancer Institute] Neuroblastoma is one of the most common tumors of the nervous system in childhood, it is the cause of 15% of childhood cancer deaths, unfortunately those affected by stage IV neuroblastoma it has very little chance of survival which is around 20% . The… Continua a leggere Neuroblastoma, news from research


Stem cell transplant to treat diabetes

Medical science is increasingly aiming at the prevention and repair of the defect at the origin of the disease, according to a new philosophy aimed at intervening further upstream of the pathogenic process than on the final effects with devices or treatments aimed at mitigating rather than definitively curing a disease, such as diabetes. Confirmations… Continua a leggere Stem cell transplant to treat diabetes