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Technology, somewhat in all sectors, is undergoing continuous developments. This is also the case in the sector of equipment for medical and aesthetic use. In order to fully exploit the potential that these evolutions offer, however, it is necessary to be trained and fully understand the use of the machinery. This is why General Project, a leading Italian company in the design and production of high-tech equipment for medical and aesthetic use, has opened the first Italian Atelier of Applied Technology near Florence. It is a place in which operators who use, or who will use, the General Project machines can see and above all learn how to use the most advanced equipment for professional aesthetics, and thus guarantee their customers the best results with the highest quality treatments. The Atelier is located in Montespertoli, where the General Project headquarters are located, immersed in the green Tuscan hills. It is structured in two rooms: the 200 m2 showroom and the 30 m2 clinical room. Depending on the interest of the participants, the machines to try and test will be chosen, ranging from the wide range of the General Project: Face Line (Face up, Face infusion, Smilite, 3face) and Body Line (Med Contour, Med Sculpt, Med Flash, Med Stretch, Power Flash, Slim Project). The activity of the Italian Atelier of Applied Technology will also be marked by one-day courses. The course, modular and adaptable also to the needs of the participants, includes: presentation and visit to the company as a whole (just to understand the philosophy and the people behind this project), theoretical training on the machines, demonstration practice thanks to the presence of company trainers, proof of use by course participants.

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