Depression is the first sign of Parkinson's

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Here is the news that many have been waiting for, at least anyone who has a relative or friend affected by this terrible disease. The diagnosis of Parkinson 's can now be anticipated and perhaps caught in time and treated. At the XI European Congress of Neurology in Brussels it was in fact said that one of the signs to understand if an individual is at risk is precisely the sense of smell which is altered in Parkinson's patients. But that's not all: it seems that one of the very first signs of someone who is already ill but doesn't know it is depression, which initially affects one in two people without any antidepressant being able to cure and make one feel better (this is obviously the real sign !). Now early differential diagnosis is essential to then choose the most appropriate therapy such as pramipexole , a dopaminergic agonist, i.e. a molecule with characteristics similar to dopamine , a natural neurotransmitter whose deficit in the brain triggers Parkinson's.

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