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20 years of Botox

It is a glorious story that of botox, discovered way back in 1820 and approved for the first time in 1989 by the American drug authority (FDA) with the indication for ocular dystonias. Since that year, the possible clinical applications have only multiplied up to the current over 20. But after its applications in ophthalmology,… Continua a leggere 20 years of Botox

2022-12-28Bio Blog

Youth elixir

Another surprise to come regarding the enormous abilities of skin cells. Fibroblasts , which we had already mentioned because they are capable, united with an oocyte, of generating a stem cell, now ensure a long life for young and perfect skin. Goodbye to the old scalpel and annoying botulinum injections, it is now possible to… Continua a leggere Youth elixir

2022-12-28Bio Blog

New bone conduction hearing aid

To the aid of those suffering from mixed or conductive hearing loss as well as single sided deafness – Single Sided Deafness (SSD) comes the new Baha system. This brand new hearing prosthetic aid differs from the others currently on the market because, instead of using sound amplification through normal air conduction, it directly stimulates… Continua a leggere New bone conduction hearing aid

2022-12-28Bio Blog

Non-metallic total ankle prosthesis

A study successfully completed and published in the Journal of Foot & Ankle Surgery describing a new technique for ankle repair. the technique developed by Daniel K. Lee, director of foot and ankle surgery at UCSD Medical Center, consists in applying a material very similar to collagen instead of the current titanium or steel prostheses.… Continua a leggere Non-metallic total ankle prosthesis

2022-12-28Bio Blog

Applied technology for aesthetic and medical use

Technology, somewhat in all sectors, is undergoing continuous developments. This is also the case in the sector of equipment for medical and aesthetic use. In order to fully exploit the potential that these evolutions offer, however, it is necessary to be trained and fully understand the use of the machinery. This is why General Project,… Continua a leggere Applied technology for aesthetic and medical use

2022-12-28Bio Blog
o-scan mri

MyLabTM Twice and O-scan: the new frontier of diagnostic imaging

The latest news in the field of diagnostic imaging comes from Vienna, where the European Society of Radiology has set the annual appointment for industry experts, the European Congress of Radiology. The imperative? Combining practicality with a high level of performance, as demonstrated by the proposals of Esaote, a leading group in the biomedical equipment… Continua a leggere MyLabTM Twice and O-scan: the new frontier of diagnostic imaging

2022-12-28Bio Blog

From skin odor to cancer diagnosis

Some English scientists have studied for a long time the correlation between the biochemical profile of a person's smell and any pathologies. The skin or rather the information given by the smells have proved useful for the diagnosis of diseases such as cancer , according to what was reported by Paul Thomas of Loughborough University… Continua a leggere From skin odor to cancer diagnosis

2022-12-28Bio Blog

MOC, Computerized Bone Mineralometry for osteoporosis

X-ray computerized bone mineralometry (abbreviated as MOC ) represents the current method of reference in the diagnosis of osteoporosis , successfully used at the polyclinic of Milan and in other Italian hospitals. MOC is based on the principle of photonic absorptiometry: a thin beam of X-rays passing through the tissues is absorbed in proportion to… Continua a leggere MOC, Computerized Bone Mineralometry for osteoporosis

2022-12-28Bio Blog

Type I tyrosinemia: today it is possible to diagnose it in time

Type I tyrosinemia is a genetic pathology that gives rise to a very serious hepatic metabolic disease, above all because until now it has always been diagnosed after having found the symptoms. It is transmitted in an autosomal recessive manner , by a mutation on chromosome 15 , of the gene for the hydrolysis enzyme… Continua a leggere Type I tyrosinemia: today it is possible to diagnose it in time

2022-12-28Bio Blog