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Potato virus as a possible treatment for Alzheimer's

In tests conducted on animals, researchers at Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland – Ohio), have demonstrated the effectiveness of a vaccine based on a molecule similar to beta amylodie, responsible for the pathology, which is found in a potato virus – virus Y. The vaccine has the ability to produce a high level of antibodies… Continua a leggere Potato virus as a possible treatment for Alzheimer's

2022-12-28Bio Blog

Rotavirus infections

Rotavirus infections are not only the first cause of acute gastroenteritis in children, but – as demonstrated by the research group directed by Professor Maurizio de Martino, Director of the Department of Pediatrics of the University of Florence and Meyer, in studies carried out with Dr. Elena Chiappini – they also spread to the respiratory… Continua a leggere Rotavirus infections

2022-12-28Bio Blog

Herpes Virus: nanotechnology against cancer

Excluding skin cancers, breast cancer is, in one out of three cases, the type of cancer diagnosed in female patients. Our immune system is designed to fight cancer . T-cells in the human body belong to a group of white blood cells and play a central role in immunity. However, cancer cells cause T-cells to… Continua a leggere Herpes Virus: nanotechnology against cancer

2022-12-28Bio Blog

Universal influenza vaccine

The vaccine that many people get every year to protect themselves against the different viral strains of flu may no longer be necessary. It is the promise of a universal vaccine that lasts "forever", or as some say "for all eternity", and could prove to be an effective weapon in the event of a pandemic.… Continua a leggere Universal influenza vaccine

2022-12-28Bio Blog

HIV: new therapeutic strategies

To eliminate HIV from the body, at a minimum, infected, quiescent T cells would need to be forced to produce viral proteins. This would cause the destruction of these cells, which would be attacked by drugs that block the spread of the virus from one cell to another. New data suggest that an intensification of… Continua a leggere HIV: new therapeutic strategies

2022-12-28Bio Blog

HIV test in prison

The capillary diffusion of HIV depends on the fact that not only is the disease too often underestimated , but above all on the fact that individuals too often consider themselves immune from being able to contract the disease. There are few people who undergo the HIV test to prove it was a student of… Continua a leggere HIV test in prison

2022-12-28Bio Blog

Unsafe sex common among young people

A new study by British researchers has revealed that cultural and social factors would induce young people to have unprotected sex. The study, carried out at the School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and published in the latest edition of the Lances medical journal, found similar sexual behaviors not only within the same state but… Continua a leggere Unsafe sex common among young people

2022-12-28Bio Blog

Herpes zoster: yes from the FDA to Zostavax

Herpes zoster, also known as "shingles", is the reactivation of the varicella zoster virus and consists of annoying and painful bubbles that cover the dermis. This pathology mainly affects the elderly (over 60 years of age) and more sporadically young people and adults. The treatment used up to now is the administration of Aciclovir, a… Continua a leggere Herpes zoster: yes from the FDA to Zostavax

2022-12-28Bio Blog

Cancer viruses

It is not weakened and destroys the most aggressive tumors of the breast and ovary: genetically modified, the virus contains an antibody capable of opening the "lock" of tumor cells, attacking them and then becoming extinct when they are exhausted. PNAS reports the success of the in vivo experimentation. The " Samson " of anti-cancer… Continua a leggere Cancer viruses

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