Hopes from gene therapy for Parkinson's

Yesterday World Parkinson's Day was celebrated, a conference organized in the Campidoglio by the Italian Parkinsonian Association (AIP). The data reported is certainly not comforting: in Italy alone there are four hundred thousand people with Parkinson's disease, a disease that affects 3 people out of every thousand (about 1% of the over 65s) and which… Continua a leggere Hopes from gene therapy for Parkinson's

2022-12-28Bio Blog

Cardiovascular diseases and nutrition

A diet rich in fats , which provides more than 30% of the total energy value, can cause cardiovascular disease. Lipoproteins circulate in our blood, made up of numerous molecules of cholesterol and other fats, or rather lipids. These lipoproteins can be low-density LDL or high-density HDL , these acronyms will surely remind you of… Continua a leggere Cardiovascular diseases and nutrition

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Herpes zoster: yes from the FDA to Zostavax

Herpes zoster, also known as "shingles", is the reactivation of the varicella zoster virus and consists of annoying and painful bubbles that cover the dermis. This pathology mainly affects the elderly (over 60 years of age) and more sporadically young people and adults. The treatment used up to now is the administration of Aciclovir, a… Continua a leggere Herpes zoster: yes from the FDA to Zostavax

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World psoriasis day

Two and a half million Italians suffer from psoriasis , a non-contagious skin disease which, however, is often a cause of shame for the sick. The pathology initially manifests itself with reddish patches that are covered with "scales" and whitish growths . The disease has alternating phases: it passes from the chronic sentence to that… Continua a leggere World psoriasis day

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Monoclonal antibodies against psoriasis

A drug, still under study by Johnson & Johnson shows positive effects that bode well against psoriasis , one of the most common forms of chronic dermatitis in the world. The news reported from a phase 3 study of Ustekinumab (CNTO 1275) shows a significant reduction, quantified around 75% (data obtained by measuring the affected… Continua a leggere Monoclonal antibodies against psoriasis

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Imaging technique to diagnose melanoma

What you see above is the photo of SolarScan, the new generation of digital diagnostic devices to detect melanoma . Imaging techniques have literally revolutionized the dermatology sector, allowing specialist doctors quick access to data, a better study of the skin and above all the possibility of comparing reports made at different points in time.… Continua a leggere Imaging technique to diagnose melanoma

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Sindrome di Sjogren

Rare diseases 1: Sjogren's syndrome

Sjogren's Syndrome is a rare autoimmune disease, which predominantly affects women, with a ratio of 9:1, with a probably genetic origin due to a specific mutation but also due to EBV viral infection ( Epstein's virus -Barr ). As an autoimmune disease, the syndrome determines the inability of T lymphocytes to discriminate between foreign organisms… Continua a leggere Rare diseases 1: Sjogren's syndrome

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Aclasta against osteoporosis and fractures

Novartis publishes the results of the first study performed on Aclasta , an osteoporosis drug in patients with hip fractures. It has been seen that administering Aclasta once a year prevents new fractures by 35% and improves life in a certain sense. In fact, it would seem that in the group of patients analyzed the… Continua a leggere Aclasta against osteoporosis and fractures

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Osteoporosis, the data

Osteoporosis is a chronic, debilitating disease that makes bones porous and brittle.1 It causes decreases in bone density and quality, weakening of the skeleton, and an increased risk of fractures, particularly of the vertebral bodies, wrist, femur, pelvis, and limbs. osteoporosis can progress asymptomatically to the point of bone fracture.3 Bone is living tissue with… Continua a leggere Osteoporosis, the data

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