World psoriasis day

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Two and a half million Italians suffer from psoriasis , a non-contagious skin disease which, however, is often a cause of shame for the sick. The pathology initially manifests itself with reddish patches that are covered with "scales" and whitish growths . The disease has alternating phases: it passes from the chronic sentence to that of recurrence and vice versa, the psoriasis are numerous and different from each other. The gene responsible for psoriasis has recently been discovered, it is found in the short arm of gene 6 and in the long arm of chromosomes 1 and 17, the genetic predisposition is not sufficient to trigger the eruption, but rather external factors, including the triggering causes include: Koebner phenomenon, stress, drugs, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, hormonal and metabolic dysfunctions and/or imbalances. Currently there is no cure that guarantees definitive healing, there are numerous therapies that try to stem the problem in different ways: there are topical treatments carried out on the areas directly affected by psoriasis, biological treatments that try to trigger a regenerative process of the skin, systemic treatments used in the most serious cases which give rise to a series of serious side effects, natural treatments carried out with thermal waters or with the waters of the Dead Sea, this therapy attempts to exploit the beneficial properties of the natural elements present in the water, finally the physiotherapy treatment based on radiation. The research goes on, but ordinary people have a rather limited knowledge of the pathology, there are many things to know, for this reason the "World Psoriasis Day" was established on October 24th and 25th all over the world, the ADIPSO , the Association for the Defense of Psoriatics, has welcomed the initiative and will be responsible for the organization in the Italian squares, where doctors and competent people will provide information material and answer questions from anyone who wants to participate in the initiative. More info and source

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