The pill: male contraceptive

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Thanks to a study conducted by Professor Yan Cheng at the biomedical research center in New York, a molecule was discovered, ionidamine, capable of inducing infertility in humans. In fact, for some time, many researchers had been studying a male equivalent of the pill. Now, ionidamine blocks the formation of sperm, thus interrupting spermatogenesis; in fact, the developing gametes adhere to the Sertoli cells, which are a sort of "nurse cells", capable of feeding the developing sperm. US researchers have been able to interrupt the interaction between gametes and "nurse" cells, using a new molecule called Adjudin. To deliver the new molecule directly into the gonads, where spermatogenesis takes place, the researchers combined it with a mutant form of the follicle-stimulating hormone, FSH. The only problem is that all of this has been observed and evaluated in laboratory rats and the problem now is to verify whether the potential of this molecule has the same effects in humans.

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