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Toothpastes, which one to choose?

Surely you too have gone to buy toothpaste at the supermarket or pharmacy and found yourself with a wide range of products, but which one to choose? Often the choice falls on advertised products or a selection based on cost is made because from a health point of view all toothpastes promise to "fight tooth… Continua a leggere Toothpastes, which one to choose?


Osteoporosis, the data

Osteoporosis is a chronic, debilitating disease that makes bones porous and brittle.1 It causes decreases in bone density and quality, weakening of the skeleton, and an increased risk of fractures, particularly of the vertebral bodies, wrist, femur, pelvis, and limbs. osteoporosis can progress asymptomatically to the point of bone fracture.3 Bone is living tissue with… Continua a leggere Osteoporosis, the data