Retinoblastoma, diagnosis with bioluminescence

Thanks to a new methodology based on bioluminescence it will be possible to diagnose eye cancer early in vivo , without resorting to invasive methods such as biopsy. This is what researchers at the University of Shanghai hypothesize, who have developed a new technique, called BLI (bioluminescence imaging), which is based on the visualization of… Continua a leggere Retinoblastoma, diagnosis with bioluminescence


Diagnosing diabetes from the eye

Researchers at Aston University (Birmingham, UK), are carrying out a unique study of its kind to detect the onset of diabetes early from the eye . The study, in the process of recruiting volunteers, will subject people to a cardiovascular test, a vision and eye pressure test and a blood test. Dr. Doina Gherghel, who… Continua a leggere Diagnosing diabetes from the eye