MyLabTM Twice and O-scan: the new frontier of diagnostic imaging

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The latest news in the field of diagnostic imaging comes from Vienna, where the European Society of Radiology has set the annual appointment for industry experts, the European Congress of Radiology. The imperative? Combining practicality with a high level of performance, as demonstrated by the proposals of Esaote, a leading group in the biomedical equipment sector, which presented two new diagnostic solutions in the ultrasound and magnetic resonance fields, MyLabTM Twice and O-scan. MyLabTM Twice combines the best technology currently available in the field of ultrasound with the highest levels of ergonomics. It is equipped with a handy and practical ultrasound scanner to use, which allows you to acquire clinical information wherever it is required. If necessary, it is also possible to send the data to a remote workstation via a wireless system. This ease of use, combining efficiency and productivity, allows for quick diagnoses and makes MyLabTM Twice a particularly useful tool in intensive care units and emergency departments. On the magnetic resonance imaging front, O-scan offers high-quality performance at low cost. The unit has small dimensions, can be installed in a space of less than 10 square meters and pays particular attention to the patient, who has a comfortable position at his disposal. O-scan features a new, very compact magnet, a new SW platform, pre-programmed protocols and Dual Phased Array technology with integrated preamplifiers. Easy to use, it increases image quality while remaining competitive from an economic point of view, given the reduced costs of use and maintenance. "We are very proud to present these new systems which, by combining high performance and productivity, represent the right answer to the request for sustainable healthcare", said Fabrizio Landi, general manager of Esaote. The services offered by MyLabTM Twice and O-scan try to respond to the needs of hospital structures, where efficiency and productivity are equally important and the increase and changes in clinical needs require medical equipment to be increasingly performing, easy to use and, today more than ever, innovative.

Published: 2022-12-28From: Marketing

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