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I'm publishing an interesting speech by Toni Gargiullo on the possibility of quitting smoking and losing weight at the same time. Quitting smoking and losing weight are two of the biggest health problems of our times ever, and very often the biggest concern for those who would like to quit smoking is precisely the possibility of gaining weight when the withdrawal crises are "calmed down" from food. What if there was a drug against nicotine addiction that could help you lose weight? Studies on Acomplia , the new EU-approved treatment for weight loss in obese people developed by Sanofi-Aventis , show that this drug is able to help people quit smoking and lose weight at the same time. ”¨ One of the terrors of the smoker who would like to quit smoking is the risk of gaining weight. What are the reasons for weight gain after smoking cessation?” Nicotine suppresses the appetite causing the person to eat less. Furthermore, nicotine can increase sugar levels in the body and when the substance is no longer present, appetite increases immediately. Nicotine increases the metabolic activity and when one stops smoking, the gradual decrease of this substance and the total cessation of its absorption leads to the normalization of the metabolic activities. The combination of increased appetite and lowered metabolism causes people to gain weight.”¨”¨ Two products in one”¨”¨ Rimonabant, the drug sold under the trade name Acomplia, is a drug that combines the effects of a nicotine patch and a weight loss treatment. Acomplia prevents smoking cravings and food cravings, helping smokers quit without gaining weight.”¨”¨ How does Acomplia work?”¨”¨ Rimonabant works by blocking CB1 receptors, which are responsible for the regulation of appetite. Normally CB1 cannabinoid receptors help remind us to eat and energize our body in ways that we can live and do all the required activities throughout the day. In some people, the feeling of hunger is continuous, so the desire to eat is very persistent. In these individuals, it is easy to overeat and gain weight. Acomplia acts on the CB1 receptors and reduce the feeling of hunger and the constant urge to overeat disappears.”¨”¨ One of the side effects of Acomplia is that it can make you quit smoking. Since one of the biggest fears of those considering quitting smoking is overeating and gaining weight, Acomplia can truly offer a positive solution.”¨”¨ Acomplia is not yet approved for smoking cessation. ”¨Smokers who want to quit on Acomplia will have to wait, but Champix is available for now. Despite the positive effects on smokers for the moment Acomplia has been approved and marketed exclusively as a treatment for obesity.

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