Isolaz: laser treatment for deep facial cleansing

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All cosmetic treatments, whether surgical or not, have become increasingly popular in recent years. Several interesting applications have recently been made available for acne interventions which however are characterized by being either not very functional or too invasive. Isolaz arrives today, a meeting point between the various cases, because it does not require reaching the scalpel of plastic surgery, but neither does it rely on apparently "miraculous" creams. laser acne therapy The trick is to use a technology, literally called photopneumatics (photopneumatics), able to deeply cleanse the pores of the skin with a combination of light and water vapour. The company has declared that the operation, in addition to being extremely fast, is also painless, so much so that it can also be used for hair removal. The official site not only contains the detailed how-to on the functioning of the appliance, but also offers to find experts in the vicinity of your home who could let you try Isolaz. Too bad that the form is not designed for international use, it would have been an excellent opportunity.

Published: 2022-12-28From: Marketing

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