HIV test in prison

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The capillary diffusion of HIV depends on the fact that not only is the disease too often underestimated , but above all on the fact that individuals too often consider themselves immune from being able to contract the disease. There are few people who undergo the HIV test to prove it was a student of the Faculty of Medicine at Yale University, Ravi Kavasery , who conducted a study among inmates of a US prison. The young man chose prisoners interned in the previous 24 hours and asked them to undergo a free HIV test . The results were not encouraging: of the 298 men chosen, only 53% of them suddenly agreed to take the test, while among the women, 323 in all, the percentage reaches 73% . The same experiment was repeated on prisoners who had been incarcerated for several days as the number of days of imprisonment increased, the willingness of the prisoners to undergo the test decreased. The young researcher concluded that: there is a concrete possibility of limiting the spread of HIV among prisoners by proposing free tests for everyone on the day of incarceration. If apparently the research might seem trivial, the impact it has on public health should not be underestimated, there are too many sick or HIV-positive people who lead a normal sex life not knowing that they have contracted the virus which in this way spreads like wildfire. 'oil. Source and more information

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