Salmonella: a new vector for the pneumonia vaccine

Researchers at the Biodesign Institute (Arizona State University) have genetically modified the enteric salmonella bacterium to make it produce an antigen against pneumonia. The bacterium, released into the patient, produces antibody molecules capable of counteracting the pneumonia bacterium without causing damage to the body. “If we try to use live Streptococcus pneumoniae to make a… Continua a leggere Salmonella: a new vector for the pneumonia vaccine


Hallucinogenic mushrooms as psychoactive drugs

An effect of spiritual well-being that lasts over a year after intake. It is caused by hallucinogenic mushrooms, used for millennia in many populations for mystical-religious purposes, but also by young and old in search of alternative experiences to hard drugs . And today the relaxing and anti-anxiety properties of these yeasts are seen in… Continua a leggere Hallucinogenic mushrooms as psychoactive drugs


Probiotic diet

With the arrival of the cold season, bacterial infections increase and therefore the use of antibiotics, which can alter the normal intestinal balance. Especially children and the elderly are at risk. It is therefore better to follow a " probiotic diet ", which includes the consumption of probiotics to be used not only during –… Continua a leggere Probiotic diet